Laboratories at Katar Singh Memorial School are dynamic spaces designed to facilitate hands-on learning and scientific exploration. Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and resources, our laboratories provide students with opportunities to engage in practical experiments, conduct research, and develop critical thinking skills.

In our science laboratories, students delve into the fascinating world of biology, chemistry, and physics. From dissecting specimens to exploring chemical reactions and conducting physics experiments, students gain a deeper understanding of scientific concepts through hands-on exploration. Our experienced faculty members guide students through experiments, encouraging inquiry-based learning and promoting scientific curiosity.

Furthermore, our computer science laboratory is equipped with modern computers and software tools to support digital literacy and programming skills development. Students learn to code, develop software applications, and explore emerging technologies under the guidance of skilled instructors. Through interactive lessons and practical projects, they gain valuable skills relevant to the digital age.

In addition to subject-specific laboratories, we also have a dedicated robotics and STEM laboratory, where students engage in robotics competitions, engineering challenges, and STEM projects. Through building and programming robots, students apply scientific principles and engineering concepts in real-world scenarios, fostering innovation, creativity, and teamwork.

Overall, laboratories at Katar Singh Memorial School are vibrant hubs of learning and discovery, where students explore, experiment, and innovate under the guidance of experienced faculty members. These laboratories play a crucial role in enhancing students' academic understanding, critical thinking skills, and overall learning experience, preparing them for success in the modern world.